Behind the design: AAPES Jump Off 2018 event tee

For the 3rd year in a row, we have been tasked with designing the Jump Off event tee. Novel Ways and AAPES have a long-standing partnership, so this time I was trusted to take full creative licence with the design. Having no set design brief from a client can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. On one hand you have complete freedom to express yourself, but on the other hand, you have to create artwork and come up with an entire concept yourself.

It was decided to put a very Novel Ways spin on this design, complete with themes of flying and clouds. The basic concept was to do something flying with a puff of smoke behind it saying the words "Jump Off" in the style of swirly, eastern mythical clouds patterns. 

One of the first steps in my design process is often to compile a set of images that contains many of the elements that I want to capture to help influence the theme and mood for the design.

From there, the idea is sketched out and hours are spent doodling eastern cloud forms. It's like learning a whole new cloud language and there is much trial and error involved before I feel proficient in this cloud style. The challenge was to find individual cloud shapes that looked like look each particular letter, while still fitting into the theme and flow of the design. 

The two rockets in this design were meant to be quite distinct, with one being straight and direct and the other being more loopy and playful to represent the duality between parkour and freerunning. The text on the rockets was deliberately made to be as small as possible while still being legible on a screen print, because at Novel Ways we like subtlety and fine detail. The difference in scale also provides a more interesting and aesthetic contrast. To finish it off with proper collab tee etiquette, we slapped a Novel Ways cloud logo and an AAPES logo on the back with a fancy "X" between it.

The finished product will be available this weekend at the AAPES 2018 Jump Off.

Novel Ways X AAPES 2018 Jump Off design by Ista Ho

Novel Ways X AAPES 2018 Jump Off design back by Ista Ho


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