Novel Ways
Novel Ways is a parkour and freerunning streetwear brand that was started out of a need to provide more intelligent designs that better represented the parkour community. We are the home of the original and iconic REACH/ESCAPE parkour t-shirt that was first printed in 2007 and is now recognised globally as a symbol of parkour. We emphasise original design and quality. All of our designs are created by Mr Novel Ways and printed in Sydney, Australia. We aim to continue to develop quality parkour and freerunning streetwear.

Mr Novel Ways
Ista Ho, known by most people as Ish, is a Sydney-based traceur who founded Novel Ways and designs all of the clothing for the brand. Ish has been training and actively involved with parkour since 2004 and still trains regularly today. As a founding member of the Australian parkour scene, Ish has always had a strong interest in forging a healthy and unique parkour culture within Sydney, where he is an integral member of the community. Retired from teaching and performing, now Ish involves himself more in designing garments and organising parkour events. He has a standing role as the director of competition at the AAPES Jump Off where he overseas both the freerunning and speed competitions.