Sticker Pack

by Novel Ways

Sold out

Each Sticker Pack contains:

5 x Novel Ways logo stickers
5 x REACH stickers
5 x ESCAPE stickers
15 stickers in total.

Some REACH/ESCAPE stickers may come as eggshell stickers. Eggshell stickers are designed to be deliberately hard to remove. When you try to peel off an eggshell sticker, it will come away in tiny flecks leaving the majority of the sticker remaining intact, hence the name. They can be applied indoors and outdoors to a surprisingly large amount of surfaces, wrapping around uneven contours. Due to the nature of them, we recommend you to peel away your eggshell stickers from their backing slowly and evenly.

***Each sticker pack ordered has a 1 in 10 chance to win a 50 Sticker Mega Pack!*** 

Please see the store menu for other designs. All available colours and sizes are updated within 24 hours. All items are brand new and ready to ship upon your purchase. FREE POSTAGE on all stickers and t-shirts Australia-wide. Combined shipping discounts applied when ordering multiple items.

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